These Wireless AirPods Were The Best Revelation At The Apple Event Today


For a designer, the only exciting reveal at the Apple event wasn’t the new iPhone 7. In fact, the new AirPods stole the show with their refreshing design.


Image Source: Apple


Apple AirPods solve all the problems that we have been complaining about in the wireless headphones currently available in the market. Apple has addressed the common wireless headphones issues like the Bluetooth pairing that makes using a single pair of headphones with multiple devices a cumbersome experience.


Image Source: Apple


The design of the AirPods is just the same as the EarPods, except for the cauterised connecting cord. A silver cap on the tips of the AirPods weighs it down to keep it from popping out of your ear. The tips also serve as a mic for calling or making Siri requests. Siri can be activated by tapping the AirPods on the side.


Image Source: Apple


Under the hood, the AirPods run an exclusive Apple0-sanctioned wireless band for connecting to an iPhone or a Mac. AirPods can seamlessly flit from one device to the next, without any annoying intermittent delay. The Li-ion powered smart case for the AirPods juices them up when not in use.


Image Source: Apple


The smart AirPods use IR technology to detect if they are not in the user’s ears while the music is being played on the iPhone and automatically float out the tunes via the speaker of your device.


Image Source: Apple


The only catch is that, like all other Apple hardware, AirPods won’t work with any other device except Apple products. However, technology like AirPods doesn’t come cheap. Apple expects the users to be willing to part with a hefty $159 for a pair of AirPods.

If you are someone prone to losing things, you might do better with the good ol’ wired headphones!


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