Nvidia’s Is Using Its ‘Omniverse’ To Help Tackle Climate Change – While Meta Is Still Lagging Behind


Facebook may be going Meta, but it is far from the only corporation considering methods to repair our very own planet, Earth.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC), Nvidia senior vice president of telecommunications Ronnie Vasishta explained how the company intends to “take the argument out of climate change” by giving an equivalent simulation named Earth 2.

The company will accomplish this objective by an engine that has aided BMW in increasing industrial output and Ericsson in extending its 5G buildout.

On the other hand, according to Chris Weasler, head of special initiatives, “isn’t going to happen overnight” and “requires significant advancements in network latency, symmetrical bandwidth, and overall network speed.” Meta recently lost clients for the first time when its valuation fell.

“It would be amazing if we could bring a billion people onto the metaverse in the next ten years,” Weasler of Meta said, “generating millions of dollars for the ecosystem.”

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However, Nvidia’s Vasishta highlighted how the Omniverse is already assisting companies like Ericsson and BMW in simulating enterprises, allowing them to increase efficiency and creativity.

As Vasishta explained, the Omniverse “depicts the real world in lifelike visuals,” but it is “much more than a gaming engine” that “obeys the laws of physics” to allow organizations to perform experiments.

Nvidia has started working on digital twins. It plans to build a car production simulation in the Omniverse for BMW, allowing it to test individual components in a close-to-real-life scenario. The business explains how Omniverse enables BMW to simulate to improve overall plant operations and minute technical areas in the video above.

Ericsson has also used the Omniverse to improve its 5G rollout by utilising real-time data. Moreover, it has developed detailed city-scale simulations that simulate 5G signal quality over a whole metropolis.

Nvidia is constructing Earth-2 for climate modelling within the omniverse. “Hopefully, we will be able to take the argument out of climate change by having an accurate prediction,” Vasishta spoke forward.

Nvidia’s metaverse approach sets it apart from other companies who are now promoting the metaverse’s enhanced sense of connection above everything else.


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