Nvidia Is Creating A Giant Virtual Metaverse Of The World

So, Nvidia wants to create a virtual copy of the current world. That’s bold, to say the least. The storage, processing, and graphics requirements would be through the roof and to the sky. Games nowadays are as big as 200GB and only have a single large map and a few small maps. Yes, I am talking about you, Warzone. Anyways, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang wants to create a metaverse of the world.

We’re not strangers to outrageously bold claims of Chief Executive Officers of big companies. Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars so it’s only fair that Jensen Huang wants to create a virtual copy of the Earth. His ambitions claim that this metaverse would consist of artificially created environments where companies can simulate the future without acting on it. Great another tool of manipulation.

According to Huang, the virtual world would currently be only digital recreations of New York City and Shanghai in the virtual space. He predicted that the metaverse would contain “Digital twin[s] of every single factory and every single building”. Huang further elaborated on his idea in an interview, saying that “Engineers and software programmers could simulate new software that will ultimately run in the physical version of the car, the physical version of the robot, the physical version of the airport, the physical version of the building”.

All of this software would run on the virtual world first before being used in the real world. Neat huh? A large-scale simulation. According to Huang, we could also interact with the virtual world. “We’ll go into the virtual world using virtual reality, and the objects in the virtual world, in the digital world, will come into the physical world, using augmented reality. So what’s going to happen is pieces of the digital world will be temporarily, or even semi-permanently, augmenting our physical world. It’s ultimately about the fusion of the virtual world and the physical world”.

Nvidia will model this metaverse using its very own Omniverse 3D modeling software. They are going to recreate all factories and machinery in the virtual world. This would be strikingly similar to a large-scale video game. Omniverse will provide all the 3D objects, people and also simulate real-world physics using Nvidia’s PhysX. This will allow companies to create their own digital versions.

According to Huang “The thing that’s really cool is that AI is software that writes itself, and it writes software that no humans can. It’s incredibly complex. And we can automate intelligence to operate at the speed of light, and because of computers, we can automate intelligence and scale it out globally instantaneously”.

Now writing the software that would make this world work and also simulate all the workings in it would be an impossible feat if it was going to be written manually. But we now have AI that can do most of the work for us. Rewriting code as it sees fit.

CEO Jensen Huang said that “The whole goal of writing software is to automate something. We’re in this new world where, over the next 10 years, we’re going to see the automation of automation”.

I guess my virtual self is going to as lame as my real self. (sad emoji)

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