Nutshell Is An Isolation Pod That Lets You Take A Break At Work

Nutshell – Isolation Pod Concept6

For all those who work at busy offices, it is a known fact that it’s almost next to impossible to take a proper break. Keeping this in mind, designer Eden Lew has come up with a wearable isolation pod that has been named as ‘Nutshell’ and aims to provide a quality break time to the user.Nutshell – Isolation Pod Concept

The idea for Nutshell struck Lew while she was taking a design class that had the students tasked with ‘redesigning the next thing they threw out’. For her, this particular thing was a sandwich wrapper and this led her to be inspired by the fact that people are so busy that they can’t even manage taking out enough time for a decent lunch. Hence, the designer created this pod that blocks out the workspace and adds some quality to the break time.Nutshell – Isolation Pod Concept2 Nutshell – Isolation Pod Concept3 Nutshell – Isolation Pod Concept4 Nutshell – Isolation Pod Concept5

In the design, Lew has added folds to make her design collapsible, wearable and lightweight. The pod comes in two variations; the white Go and the black Blackout. The designer has also created a companion app that allows users to meditate while making use of Nutshell. Nutshell is a concept as of now, however, Lew says that she has received a lot of positive feedback and plans on bringing it to the market soon


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