Nubrella Is A Hands-Free Umbrella For Rain Photography

If you are a photographer, either professional or immature, you must have a love-hate relationship with rain. You would not want to miss out on a moment just because it is raining and you can not afford to get even a drop on your valuable equipment. Using an umbrella messes with you dealing the camera and the moment evaporates as if it was never there. Nubrella created an innovative hands-free umbrella that will let you take pictures in the rain, keeping you and your camera dry.

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The 3-pound Numbrella is “a hands-free, invertible weather protector worn backpack style conveniently functioning like a hood,” as described by the company. It is built using waterproof nylon, aluminium rods, and glass-filled plastic. The design gives the umbrella enough strength to withstand winds of up to 40 miles and hour without flipping inside out.

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In case you are thinking what is wrong with using a raincoat, the company says, “Nubrella offers significantly more protection than the raincoat, today’s only hands-free product.”

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The full front of the Nubrella allows convenient shooting without obstructing the view.When the rain stops, you can press the two blue buttons causing it to close and fold on your back like a hood.The innovative Nubrella is available on the website with prices starting from $59.99 on sale, which will go as high as $79.99 when the sale ends.



The only question is, why are they only marketing it for photographers, who likes to carry an umbrella in their hand anyway? Oh! There it is, a cyclist wearing the Nubrella.

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