These Are All The New Technologies That Will Be Used During The 2020 Olympics In Tokyo

Tokyo has taken the torch of the 2020 Olympics to showcase the technology of tomorrow. This futuristic event is planned to display the events right out of sci-fi. Japan has its magnificent tradition of introducing high-speed trains in the Olympics. In 1964, Tokyo Olympics also launched the Shinkansen bullet trains. However, this time, they are going to amaze you with the Super speed Maglev Trains.

The Super vehicle is not the only masterpiece to witness in Tokyo Olympics, as there is going to be a robot village and algae fueled airplanes as well. If you think that the Beijing Olympics fireworks were magnificent, wait till you see the artificial meteor showers in the Tokyo Olympics. Oh! Please forget the old 4K displays, as the Tokyo Olympics will be shown on 8K TV broadcasts.

Source: Futurism



Magnificent and amazing, Isn’t it?

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