Now Your Unborn Baby Can Enjoy Music With This Tampon Speaker


Babypod is a bizarre concept of speaker for your unborn child. It allows you to stimulate the hearing neurons in their hearing organs. Fetuses have developed hearing ability as early as the 16th week of pregnancy. It has also been successfully researched that the presence of good, comforting sounds can be beneficial for the baby’s development inside the womb. It means that the baby will grow at a better rate and make the whole process a lot smoother if it were made to listen to comforting sounds. This tampon speaker makes it a reality as it can be inserted up the vaginal canal and it can play music directly to the fetus.


Although baby can hear sounds from outside, most of what they hear is gibberish like the sound we hear when we are inside water. In a study at Institute Marques, the relationship between newborns and listening of vaginal music was established. Music was provided to them with the help of Babypod and through headphones on the baby bump on two separate occasions. The result clearly showed that the vaginal music playing was a much better option and abdominally administered sounds had no visible effect at all. Using this study, the researchers also tried to show the early attempts of the baby at vocalization. After listening to the music, the babies tried responding to it by stimulating their mouths as if trying to speak. The Babypod is quite effective at relaying these sounds but I am not sure it is such a good idea to introduce such a gadget when most parents are ignorant and would definitely abuse the whole thing, even damaging their child’s hearing or speaking ability in the process.

babypod3  babypod4

Using it is very simple as it just has to be inserted into the vaginal canal and the other end is plugged to a smartphone or computer’s sound jack port. Mothers can hear what their babies are hearing too by connecting their own set of earphones. Although it might spell out to be a good learning technique, it usage should be minimal since the baby is still undergoing metabolic changes and neural development that can easily be abused and negatively affected. The speakers can produce a sound of 54 decibels and it is no more than a hushed conversation. So, would you get such an unusual product for your baby?


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