Now Your Lip Movements Will Become Your Password

Lip Movement Password (3)

The advancement of technology has developed techniques keep our data safer, but the same advancements have made our information more vulnerable. Occasional security breaches here and there have caused researchers to develop ways to improve password protection systems by adding biometric features. What began with fingerprint scanners and retina scans has now come to include voice, face, gait, and even heartbeat recognition. Layers of biometric features are added to improve the security of systems.

The new one on the biometric verification list is the lip movement. Researchers at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have developed a technique for lip motion detection, which can be used as an extra layer to password authentication systems. In addition to the lip movement, the technology can track the user’s lip shape and even texture. The technology patented in 2015, aims to combine a unique password with the particular lip motion of the user to add a double layer of security that is difficult to break through.

The head of the HKBU research, Professor Cheung Yiu-ming explains, “The same password spoken by two persons is different, and a learning system can distinguish them.”

Professor Cheung Yiu-ming demonstrates using the world’s first “lip motion password” technology.
Source: Honk Kong Baptist University

One might consider the method to be similar to voice recognition, but this one is much more consistent due to its ability to be functional even in noisy environments. The feature when combined with others like facial recognition, can serve as a very efficient and secure password system. The system could be very useful in the security systems at the entrance of public buildings as well as financial transactions processes like the ATMs.

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