Now You Can Swim Like Superman Using The Underwater Jet Pack

x2 Underwater Jet Pack Conceptual design

Fitting-x2-Underwater-Jet-Pack-System-2(2)Ever dreamed of swimming like superman? This gadget will make you feel like a Superman/Aquaman underwater.  S.C.P. Marine innovation was founded by Simon and Chris who have come up with a cool gadget design which if manufactured will be able to free your legs of all the hard work they need to do when you’re underwater. The gadget is being called; ‘x2 Underwater Jet Pack’, not a very cool name but who knows maybe they decide to change it afterwards.

SONY DSCThe gadget is essentially a portable system which assists you in propulsion underwater.  These jet packs, mini in nature, can be attached to your arms and you’ll be able to swim in water like Superman or Aquaman. The designers are the founders of this UK start-up who are brothers. This family brain child will allow scuba divers and free-divers to basically ‘fly around underwater’ as per the brothers.

x2 Underwater Jet Pack in actionThere aren’t many details available on this gadget so far but what we do know comes directly from S.C.P. Marine Innovation’s press release which said that the gadget will have ‘the latest lithium battery technology coupled with state of the art digital motors and a wireless control system’ and ‘is fast, maneuverable, un-tethered.’ Also, these mini jet packs are capable of generating ‘powerful vectored thrusts’ which will help improve the user’s movement of arms.

x2 Underwater Jet Pack prototypeAlthough there is a huge difference as of now between the conceptual design and the prototype which has been developed but the gadget is still frikkin’ awesome. S.C.P. is still trying to raise funds for the jet pack though, but we are sure this will happen soon enough. As of now, only 31% funding has been completed.

The gadget is priced a bit high at $5,700 but hey superpowers do come at a great price.


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