Now You Can Relieve All Your Anxiety And Stress Using This Meditation App

Even the happiest of us have dark and gloomy days when all we want to do is lie down and do nothing. As normal as it is, these dark episodes of anxiety can lead to serious consequences.

Not only high levels of stress and anxiety distract us from our goals, they can also lead us towards obesity and long-term depression.


While some of us have found yoga or a heavy cardio as their stress relievers, others can’t seem to find any solution. Apple’s new top-rated app Aura Premium is for those of us who belong to the latter category. With its lifetime subscription for $59.99, the app lets you relieve anxiety and stress quickly and easily, no matter how bad or low you are feeling.


Created with the help of top therapists and meditation teachers, the state of the art AI technology of Aura helps you reduce anxiety and stress to let you live a goal-oriented, focused life. The app provides you with mindful meditation exercises to cater your specific needs.

Source: MakeUseOf

Users can also have personalized 3-minute guided sessions of meditation every day. The app can also predict the users’ mood based on their previous mood patterns and can provide them with the suitable meditation exercises accordingly. Additionally, Aura also drops reminders time to time for mindful breathers and the meditation sessions can also be saved to listen and practice later.

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