Now You Can Order Your Pizza Using These Pizza Hut Shoes

pizza hut shoes

The pizza outlets have been trying hard to bring innovation to the age-old art of pizza making. From Domino’s self-driving pizza delivery cars to all robot Pizza factory; we have seen some interesting albeit crazy and borderline vain inventions. But they were nothing when compared to the latest release by Pizza Hut, which surely wins “the stupidest innovation of the decade” award!

Pizza Hut has just announced a limited supply of special-edition (fancy words for hyping it up) high-top sneakers, which are fitted with geo-location technology to

*drum roll*

deliver a pie with the push of a button; which you probably already can, just not with your shoes!

“Pie Tops,” come with a companion Pie Tops Mobile app (of course), as it wirelessly syncs with the shoes and allows you to open the app for ordering by just tapping the Hut icon on the shoe’s tongue.

Luckily, we will be spared the sight of these abominations as only an “exclusive” group of 64 people will get to wear them according to AdWeek. The exclusive group includes one player from each of the teams in March Madness, major influencers, the media, and a few “lucky” Pizza Hut customers.

David Daniels, vice president of media and advertising at Yum! Brands told AdWeek,

“As far as we know, this has never been done before. We feel it’s highly culturally relevant. Sneakers are hot. We’ve enlisted a really cool professional to design these shoes for us—the Shoe Surgeon out of LA. These 64 pairs are handmade, and pretty cool. “

While the pie ordering skills of the sneakers are undoubted, their performance on the court, for which the sneakers are incidentally used for, are still in doubt.

“We haven’t gone that far yet,”

Daniels said.

“You’ll have to ask former NBA player Grant Hill, who stars in Pizza Hut’s 30-second ad (above), launching on Monday. Grant will have a pair and we’ll have to get his take on the performance nature of them.”

Oh, the vanity!

We would like to know your thoughts on these ‘innovative’ shoes. Comment below!



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