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Now You Can Grow Vegetables In Your Kitchen Using Nano-Farms


Pic Credits: replantable

This one is for the people who want to have their own garden, but don’t have the time, money and/or space to maintain one in their house. Considering the latest trends, it seems as though the future of fresh homegrown food lies indoors; even if it means buying and using another plug-in device.

We all know that increasing prices of fresh fruit and vegetables is part of the larger game being played by the fast food chain mafia. With unhealthy food being bullied into our lifestyles, mulling over alternate self-generated options is not a bad idea at all. And for the people who don’t have the luxury of a big yard, or those who live in areas with really short growing seasons, this sort of indoor plantation might be the ultimate solution. We have seen how LED lighting technology and smart control systems have led the counter-top concept of growing to be truly a viable option. And today we are going to cover one of the forthcoming entry in this indoor, home growing niche that is truly one of its kind.

Pic Credits: replantable

A company called Replantable has introduced a “Nano-farm”, which looks like a small mini-fridge in size. This can fit onto a countertop and has the capability of stacking up to four units anywhere in the home with an electric outlet. The nano form needs power to keep its temperature between 60°F and 85°F, and a stack of four nano forms are capable of producing a continuous harvest of fresh produce.

The concept is based on a platform called Plant Pads, which are pre-seeded paper/ fabric pads having no soil in its makeup. It contains nutrients required for the plants to grow, which can be placed on top of the water-filled growing tray. This tray is used to allow plants wick up water during the growing cycle.

Pic Credits: replantable

Different Plant Pads are created for different varieties of plants and their nutritional needs; so that you can grow a larger range of fruits and vegetable using a smaller growing space. The Pads can be thrown away after being used, and new ones can either be ordered anytime from the company. It also offers a subscription plan for the pads, with each one being priced at around $5.

Each unit is designed to be lit by “daylight spectrum” LED bulbs, and also contains a front glass door for ease of access. The doors are smoked in order to cut down on the amount of light that is emitted into the room where the module will be kept. A “whisper-quiet” ventilation system ensures a steady supply of fresh air to the units, and also helps vent oxygen-rich air into the living space of the home.

Pic Credits: replantable

Although there are many countertop growing facilities available in the market, this one is unique in that it is incredibly easy to use. It doesn’t use the nifty techniques like its own app connecting to your smartphone; rather it just utilizes one dial, one button and one light to make the magic happen. The dial is used to select the length of the growing ‘season’ in weeks, the button starts the unit, and one light glows up to indicate the time of harvesting.

Pic Credits: replantable

This nano-farm technology has been in beta testing for a couple of months now, so it is not available for purchase just yet. But the company website suggests that it will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on August 22nd, and the units are said to be priced at $350. You can find out more at Replantable.

Would you consider using these latest concepts for home-growing your plants, or do you still prefer the more natural and conventional ones?

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