Now You Can Exercise Sitting On This Chair In The Comfort Of Your Home

TAO Chair – Exercise while You Watch TV

We all know how hard it is to get up from the comfort of your couch or bed and head to gym. In order to keep up with the fitness plan, it is imperative not to give in to this temptation and one must manage to get oneself to workout. But what if you could exercise while remaining seated on the chair? At CES 2015, TAO chair was displayed – a chair capable of providing a dynamic workout to the user with special target zones and that too from the comfort of your room.TAO Chair – Exercise while You Watch TV 2

The chair is made by TAO-Wellness and is the successor of TAO WellShell from CES 2014. It also qualifies as one of the best looking chairs so far. The chair is how TAO plans to fight the issue of becoming sedentary in our life. The one displayed at CES 2015 was not the final design, however, the critical component of the chair – its arms – were shown off.TAO Chair – Exercise while You Watch TV 3

The chair has been created from aluminum, however, this may change once it moves to final production phase. The arms look similar to metal ribbons that have undergone extreme bending. The arms are responsible for targeting specific areas that include core, arms, butt and thighs. TAO chair’s unique parts can be used to hold, pull or push and brace against in order to tense the muscles up.TAO Chair – Exercise while You Watch TV 4 TAO Chair – Exercise while You Watch TV 5

TAO chair designer has stated that the invention is not supposed to replace gym but rather works to compliment the gym. The chair is intended to help promote health by offering a peculiar way of exercising while watching TV at home. Also present is a companion app that coaches the user through different supported exercises along with a digital display depicting the number of calories burnt.TAO Chair – Exercise while You Watch TV 6

Production will be starting this year and it has been recorded that TAO chair will be sold below $1,000.


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