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Now You Can Be A Part Of Lamborghini’s Intensive Driving School For $12,000

Photographer: Todd Parks/Bloomberg

Although there is no shortage of places to burn your cash in Vegas, another such proposition just popped up. And it is so awesome that it can put the savings of the most miserly of us in danger!

A two-day Lamborghini intensive driving academy has started at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It offers you full access to all their cars, along with racing lessons and real life racing events. The cost?  Only $12000.

The Lamborghini customer-driving program starts with a one-day “Esperienza”, which is a test drive of the automobile giant’s two main models on a racing track. Then comes a full-blown race titled “Super Trofeo” factory using GT race cars held on the weekend.

Photographer: Todd Parks/Bloomberg

In between the company uses “Academia”, where the driving school teaches you the nitty-gritty of automobile racing.

Lamborghini attempts to attract their wealthiest clients, but by starting these ventures, they are also looking to find the fastest drivers and make their racing league, “Super Trofeo”, into a recognised brand

The program starts in a classroom, where you will be give driving tips and the best lines on the 12-turn track. But soon enough it will be time for adrenaline pumping action.

Photographer: Todd Parks/Bloomberg

In the two-day program, the company offers full access to their ultimate stable of street cars, which includes the $493,000 fire-breathing, 750-horsepower 12-cylinder Aventador Super Veloce. Another beauty includes the more responsive Huracán, which has a 5.2-liter, 10-cylinder powertrain.

You can drive around these cars for as long as you want, and get to spend time with Lamborghini’s most successful racing drivers and professionals who have already won several Super Trofeo league events along with the Le Mans-Series endurance races.

Photographer: Todd Parks/Bloomberg

The two-day course rounds off with time-trial tests, which is a true gauge of the skill of each participant. Here Lamborghini close off half of the track, making it a 1.2-mile lap which is then marked off and timed. Each driver gets to pump the pedal to the metal and record his fastest time.

The winner is invited to take participate in ultra-exclusive, two-day Super-Trofeo competition, which involves helicopter travel to and from the track, having your own pit crew, racing in the qualifying sessions, and even a night race. All of this is offered for another $25,000.

Photographer: Todd Parks/Bloomberg

Fancy a trip to Vegas now? I thought so!