Now There Is A Women-Only Resort In Finland For Hardcore Feminists

women-only island

Good news for those feminists who need to go on a vacation and don’t want to see any men around. There is a women-only island resort on the off coast of Finland called the SuperShe Island. The resort is the brainchild of an American entrepreneur Kristina Roth who decided to invest in a resort which is only for females. She came up with the idea after she noticed that being around men was distracting to some women.

She was on vacations at the Ashram in Calabasas, Calif and the near-by Ranch Malibu, when she noticed that the women around were focusing more on the men than themselves. This gave her an idea to start a women-only resort where the female visitors can relax without having any male distractions around them. In an interview to The New York Post she said, “When there was a cute guy, women would put on lipstick. The idea is, hey, focus on yourself — don’t try to get your hormones up.”

Roth said that she enjoys her mixed-gender vacations and has nothing against men but she still thinks that women need a place to relax where they can be themselves without needing to impress or attract anyone. So she decided that there was a need for a ‘no men allowed’ resort. SuperShe Island was only a crazy idea until Roth visited an 8.4-acre patch of land off the coast of Finland. She was in love with a man who kept telling her that there was this island for sale but until she saw it herself, she wasn’t interested in it.

“His parents own an island on the archipelago, and he kept telling me, the island next door is for sale. I said, ‘I’m not interested, I just bought a beautiful piece of land in Turks and Caicos — I’m really not interested.” However, when she saw the island, she was enchanted by the beautifully wooded paradise and then she bought it. It was the perfect place for the women-only resort she was wishing to build. After she bought it, she started working on it to make it a reality right away.

SuperShe Island can house ten guest cabins, a spa and many adventure activities. Daily cooking and fitness courses will be available on the island along with yoga and meditation classes. Roth also plans on adding any activities that women find appealing. According to a recent press release on the SuperShe Island, “Women need to spend time with other women. Being on vacation with men can be draining and demanding. We want SuperShe Island to be rejuvenating and a safe space where women can go to reinvent themselves and their desires. A place where you can recalibrate with no distractions. Our goal is to create a utopia where women can come together to care for themselves through fitness, nutrition, creativity nurturing and more. The opening of our Finnish island will help us create a physical space that is open throughout the year for ladies to recharge.”

The SuperShe women-only island has been visited by Roth’s closest women friend only. The reservations will be open for public by July. Roth said that she will vet women who are interested in the experience by asking current members to vouch for applicants. “I’d like to vet the person and see that they’re well-rounded, and would fit in, but I don’t want to be elitist.”

The exclusion of men based on the idea that women wouldn’t put on lipsticks or make efforts to impress them and focus on themselves instead seems to be ignoring the existence of homosexuals completely. Men are not the only cause of distractions for women. The whole gender-based segregation might not be entirely a good idea. However, we have to wait until the opening of SuperShe women-only resort to see the reaction of people. The prices of the resort will be announced soon on their website.

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