Apple AirPods Explode While Guy Was Working Out At The Gym

Apple released the AirPods in response to the emerging wireless headphones in the market. These wireless headphones from Apple were not met with an overly enthusiastic response when they came to the market. But, gradually people started accepting them and they have been slowly adopted by Apple users all around the world.

No new technology is perfect and the AirPods are no exception. Recently, a man in Florida claimed that his Apple AorPods caught fire and exploded. Jason Colon of Tampa was listening to music on the wireless headphones while working out in the gym when his headphones started billowing white smoke.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

He took them off and placed them on some equipment but returned to see AirPod releasing black smoke and had already been popped open and blackened due to an explosion. “I didn’t see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried! You can see the flame damage,” said Colon.

Colon was smart enough to take the headphones off when he did and there is no telling the extent of damage that would have occurred had the explosion happened in his ear. This is not the first time Apple has had trouble with exploding merchandise.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

There has been a battery explosion before when a customer bit down on a battery and two other stores had to be evacuated as a result of exploding batteries. Even though this is the first time an AirPod has exploded, Apple will want to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible to avoid a repeat of the incident in the future.

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