Now Solve Your Math Homework With Google Lens New Homework Filter

Google has been giving students and their parents a few helpful tools to make studying from home a lot easier. The all-new homework lens will take photos of math problems to bring up step-by-step solutions and concept explainers. The lens will use an application “Socratic” to solve the equations which google happened to acquire last year. The Google Lens “Homework” filter is functional, and it covers more than just equations.

‘Homework Filter’ features a graduation cap icon and assists you “to take a photo of a homework question.” The viewfinder is rectangular, hence better suited for framing math problems and lengthy questions. After tapping the capture button, google lens will highlight all the equations or questions in view.

A “Steps to solve” card offers numerous options inclusive of Overview, Solving using the quadratic formula, or by Factoring. Users will then be presented with a step-by-step breakdown and the answer.

With this new feature, all you’ll need to do is take a picture of your study material and then highlight an equation or a particular problem that you are unable to solve. The homework filter will get quick access to step-by-step guides and detailed explainers.

The idea is to make it easy to look up mathematical concepts that give you stress since you need to be able to understand them to be able to apply them. Google didn’t say when the Lens feature will roll out, but Socratic itself is available as a standalone app for iOS and Android.

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