How To Find Someone’s Phone Location By Cell Phone Number

Since mobile phones are the devices one takes everywhere they go, they provide the best way to spy on someone. The best way to find out where someone is or where they go to, would probably be through the ability to find someone’s location by number.

The need for location finding might arise in many circumstances. You might need to keep tabs on your unruly children to ensure they don’t go to dangerous places. The most common use of such apps is to find where your partners go to, this happens in situations where you mistrust your partner.

These days there are many great apps which fulfill the purpose. Today we look at one of such Apps, which is Spyine. We will try to look at how to use the app and why it is a good choice.

What is Spyine?

Spyine is one of the most critically acclaimed apps in the spy industry. The app has managed to gain the plaudits of platforms such as Tom’s Hardware and Digital Trends. It is downloaded all over the world and has satisfied over a million customers worldwide.

Spyine has many fantastic abilities which set it apart. It is legal and it works on Android and Apple iOS devices. It does not need you to root or jailbreak a device as the entire procedure uses technology which can work on devices without such extreme measures.


Spyine can be used to find someone’s phone location via their cell phone number easily. It can also track a cell phone via its GPS location as well. Spyine can find location and even find out where the device has been or it usually goes to. The app also works in complete secrecy with Stealth mode features.

Spyine has other fantastic abilities as well. You can view someone’s text messages and even record the keystrokes they make on their devices. So, this is not just an app for location monitoring. The app is easy to use and will not need for you to have formal computer understanding.

Spyine’s main features are as follows:

  • You can monitor the location of a device via its SIM number or GPS
  • View messages
  • View social media messages and activity
  • Record keystrokes
  • Get access to call history and call frequency
  • Browser history records
  • And many more useful features

It would be clear as to the fact that this is more than just an app to use for location monitoring. The app has many useful functions which can be used in combination with other features as well. All of the features combined act in ways to ensure you get the most out of your spying work.

The service needs the target cell phone to be online for it to track. If the device remains offline, you will not receive updates for such a period. Once the device returns to online activity, you can see where it has been.

How to find someone’s phone location by cell number with Spyine?

Spyine can monitor locations very easily, but before you can do that you will need to install it on the devices you need to spy on. The process is very less time consuming and will be easy to do for everyone.

Step 1

You can start by visiting the Spyine website at via any device of your choice. Register an account on the website by issuing any details required. Pay the amount the service asks from you for the service you wish to take.

Step 2

·         For Android Devices

The next thing to do in case of an Android phone is to download a small file in the target phone. This is a step without which no service can spy on Androids. The file is very small and does not take up space, it is also very unnoticeable.

·         For Apple iOS devices

Apple devices don’t need a file to be downloaded onto them. They can be set up remotely from afar. You just need to have access to the credentials of the target devices cloud account. Connect the cloud account with your Spyine account for the step.

Step 3

If you have done the steps above you will be greeted with the setup completion message. This will mean that you have completed the entire set up process. It did not take a lot to do now did it? The app starts running after a few minutes of your setup completion.

Now you will be able to monitor the cell phone location of anyone via their SIM number or even the phone location GPS as well. The entire tracking job is done by Spyine and it will deliver you the results of your spying on your Spyine account dashboard.

The app is very easy to get rid of whenever you want. You can remove it remotely in the case of Apple devices and in the case of Android phones you can just remove the file you once downloaded onto them.

This is a fantastic service that will definitely allow you to have access to anyone’s phone location as long as you set it up for the device.


You now have the ability to find someone’s location by number with the help of Spyine. Spyine is a very well taken software all over the world and it will continue to rise through the ranks of the best Spy softwares in the world with results such as it offers.

This is one of the best apps for spying purposes; it rivals the likes of Minspy and Spyine in the race for the best app. The app has been able to help many users in solving their personal problems. This app will allow you to catch your partner in the act or even find out where your children go to.

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