Now See Your Favourite Places On Google Maps In Highly Detailed 3D Imagery

3D Imagery in Google Maps 8

Just when you think Google can’t amaze you anymore, it proves you wrong by updating the 3D models of buildings in Google Earth and Maps. The intrinsic details are more than just stunning.3D Imagery in Google Maps 4 3D Imagery in Google Maps 3 3D Imagery in Google Maps 2

As per Susan Cadrecha, Google representative, the cities that will be initially getting the amazing new imagery are San Francisco and New York City. The new 3D models can be viewed by using Google Earth or by enabling Earth View mode in Google Maps. The recently completed Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty are quite impressive examples to begin with.3D Imagery in Google Maps 3D Imagery in Google Maps 7 3D Imagery in Google Maps 6 3D Imagery in Google Maps 5

The update to involve 3D imagery in Google Earth was introduced back in May, 2013. The imagery is far more detailed as compared to the conventional images. Google has promised to update more cities all around the world in 2015. Any guess which cities these might be?

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