Israeli Company Unveils The World’s Smallest Bible On A Nano Chip

World’s Smallest Bible – Jerusalem Nano Bible

The Jerusalem Nano Bible company has made a unique solution for helping users refer to the New Testament in a scurry by creating a minute version of the sacred text. This creation can be worn around one’s neck or be used in embedded form inside the watch.
World’s Smallest Bible – Jerusalem Nano Bible 5

The 5mm small Bible is awaiting approval from the Guinness World Records to certify that it is indeed the world’s smallest Bible as of now. One will require a microscope to read it though.World’s Smallest Bible – Jerusalem Nano Bible 3

On a single face of the chip shaped like a square, 27 books of the New Testament have been printed. The text is written in Greek version of the New Testament; Textus Receptus in Latin meaning ‘received text.’ The chip is created from silicon wafer with sides that measure 4.76 mm.World’s Smallest Bible – Jerusalem Nano Bible 2

Upon scrutinizing the chip, you will find out that every letter has a width worth 0.18 microns, which implies that a wafer measuring 8 inches shall have more than 1,000 Bibles printed on it. The text was validated by an academic scholar as the Biblical text of the New Testament.World’s Smallest Bible – Jerusalem Nano Bible

David Almog, Head of the Marketing and Sales Department, said, “Our aim is to be able to mass produce it and cater to really every pocket. Because this application, the smallest Bible in the world, Jerusalem Nano Bible, can be applied to infinite possibilities in the jewelry industry.”

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