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Now You Can Physically Walk Around In A VR World With Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill

VR is amazing and all but it would be better if one could freely walk around in the VR world without worrying about bumping into other stuff or folks in the room. That’s where Infinadeck comes in folks. It is an omnidirectional treadmill that allows the user to physically walk around and explore the VR world with full range of motion without worrying about bumping into stuff.Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill Will Change VR For You

It is 5.3ft in length and sports a width of 5.6ft while being 1.5ft tall. The top speed it offers is 6mph that is about a normal pace used for jogging and is not that loud when you consider its size and a weight of 500 pounds. It makes noise at 70dB and this is about the same level of noise that a dishwasher generates. The energy levels are comparable to a refrigerator at 1,200 watts.

Two motors work in collaboration to impart an endless track to the user exploring the VR world. One of the motor is responsible for moving the platform similar to a conventional treadmill while the other is activated if you change directions in order to rotate the belt in the perpendicular direction.

The treadmill reacts to user’s movement, direction and speed and this renders it as quite safe, however, Infinadeck didn’t take any chances and has also incorporated a customizable support system that straps the user around the waist and make sure that the user remains secured and centered on the platform.

The applications for this treadmill are limitless. It can also be used for industrial training for high risk jobs and can also be employed for therapy and rehabilitation.

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