This New Virtual Reality Platform Allows You To ‘Feel’ VR As Well

The new platform optimizes the virtual reality world to an experience of full immersion.

The virtual world reached an overwhelming reality earlier, but the developers couldn’t imitate the perfect walking experience. The only shortcoming to reach the true experience has now been overcome with the new platform giving the feels of walking around without taking a step.

The new custom-built VR platform deploys digital mirrors to reflect a digital avatar. “Walking is a fundamental and fun activity for humans in everyday life. Therefore, it is very worthwhile to provide a high-quality walking experience in a VR space,” said Matsuda, project assistant professor at Toyohashi University of Technology’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

People love the advancements in virtual reality for the kind of beyond amazing experience it comes with. The virtual reality technologies available in the market give out satisfaction with an overwhelming feeling of existing in another world.

Adding to the already obtained reality in the virtual world, the new platform takes to a whole new level by integrating the walking experience in VR with users not having to move a single bit. “We believe that the general public is also very likely to be interested in this study that combines walking and VR experiences which have seen rapid growth in demand as a result of COVID-19.”

To play with the digital avatar, a user syncs the movement with the digital platform to feel a complete connection with the virtual world. It comes with 4 vibro-transducers, which through vibration, imitates the walk while a pair of headphones help cancel out the noise for an unparalleled virtual world experience.

The installed mirrors play a key role in enhancing the true virtual experience. As in the absence of these mirrors, the participants could not see their avatars, which altered the users’ perception of walking, but mirrors changed it all. “Our study showed that a walking avatar in a first-person perspective enhanced the sensation of walking,” said Matsuda.

“The proposed device consists of 4 vibro-transducers and amplifiers. The configuration is relatively simple, inexpensive — between $300 and $500 — and compact. One of the most important features of the walking device we proposed is that it gives tactile and visual stimuli to seated users.” Bringing up new sensation for people with walking disabilities.

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