Norway Aims To Invest A Billion Dollars In Bike Superhighways


Being the 15th largest producer of crude oil in the world has its perks but along with that, Norway is committed to a future without oil and has been at the forefront of investing in renewable energy technology.

After announcing that it is building the largest onshore wind farm in the world, it has now started to spend huge sums of money in developing a cycling infrastructure. A reported kitty of 1 billion dollars has been approved by the government to build superhighways dedicated for just cyclists in 10 major cities around the Nordic country. This is the largest piece of investment from any country in this field for a greener tomorrow. Being a cycling enthusiast myself, this is a great move by the government to provide a healthy lifestyle and green traveling option to the citizens

The idea is to build two-lane bike roads all around the cities and their suburbs thus essentially connecting them via obstacle-free bike travel. We know how dangerous it is for cyclists to use the road even on biking lanes and they have to be overly conscious of the traffic around them because they are all out in the open. This move by the Norway’s government shows how serious they are in investingĀ alternative forms of travel despite having huge reserves of oil.

The lowered prices of oil have also forced people to look for these ways to travel as the industry is crumbling right now. Even though electric cars are just on the brink of being sold in large numbers, there is still a need to invest in as much green travelling as possible. Norway’s capital Oslo has already started frowning upon cars and has banned them from the city center itself.

The future seems pretty promising for green transportation, isn’t it?


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