15 Things Only Millennials Can Understand

The early 2000s was the time when the modern day technology boom was truly revolutionizing the world and its gadgets, and the millennials were lucky enough to catch a blip of it. The pace of the change is so fast that only after a decade, most of the familiar things from our childhood exist solely in our memories.

Pictures via viralthread

1. These plastic pencils were the bomb!

2. Back before Pokemon Go became popular

3. These multiple color pens were enough to make you the popular kid at school

4. The coolest and most difficult game of all time

5. When recording your favorite tunes was akin to jumping through the ring of fire

6. The granddad of Google maps. What a mess!

7. Before tangling headphones and charger cables, this was our major problem

9. When Whatsapping in class meant sending notes

10. You gotta do what you gotta do to stay “hip.”

11. No wonder Nokia 3310 phone is the ultimate legend

12. Our pockets were so full!

13. When the whole family had to share one phone

14. Struggling 15 minutes with a pencil to hear a 5-minute song!

15. Kids, there was a prehistoric time when we kept things calls “CDs”:

Do you have any more 2000s things to share?

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