Northrop Grumman Is Building A New One-Shot, One-Kill Shell For The U.S. Navy

The self-guided 57-mm artillery shell from Northrop Grumman, a cutting-edge weapon in a time when accuracy prevails over raw firepower, will soon be available to the U.S. Navy. The Navy has contracted with Northrop Grumman, a well-known provider of defense technologies, to create this cutting-edge ammunition for the Mk110 Naval Gun Mount, a medium-sized gun primarily employed on Littoral Combat Ships.

Gone are the days depicted in old naval combat movies, where scenes resemble chaotic gunpowder-laden storms with shells flying indiscriminately. Today, precision is the guiding principle, epitomized by the one-shot-one-kill approach. Instead of relying on massive salvos of explosives, modern naval warfare emphasizes a single, precisely aimed round designed to impact with utmost efficacy.

The 57-mm shell being developed by Northrop Grumman epitomizes this philosophy. Employing advanced technology akin to their kits that convert conventional bombs into precision munitions, this shell incorporates seeker sensors to lock onto fast and agile targets. An aft-mounted directional system enables precise steering towards the target, ensuring an accurate final impact. Furthermore, the fuse of this innovative shell can autonomously choose between proximity or point-detonation mode for maximum destructive effect.

One remarkable feature of this cutting-edge ammunition is its ability to engage and destroy targets at longer ranges without necessitating any modifications to the existing deck gun. This enhances the Navy’s defensive capabilities against agile, moving threats. Dave Fine, Vice President of Armament Systems at Northrop Grumman, expressed the innovative nature of this guided ammunition, emphasizing its capacity to identify, track, and autonomously guide itself to a target. The Navy stands to benefit significantly from this advancement, gaining enhanced accuracy in defeating moving threats while fortifying its defense capabilities.

As the age of the smart weapon continues to evolve, innovations like the self-guided 57-mm artillery shell promise a more precise and efficient means of engaging targets in modern naval warfare, ultimately ensuring a more secure and effective defense strategy for the U.S. Navy.

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