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Nokia Launches A New Phone That Can Last A Whole Month On Single Charge And Costs Just 40$


Things have not been going too well for Nokia since Android and iOS took over the mobile market. With almost every smartphone failing to sell substantially, Nokia seems to be in a fix. Traditionally, Selling budget phones have been the bread and butter for Nokia due to their good build quality and long life. Seems like Nokia has finally decided to focus back on the budget Phones.


Nokia has unveiled the new Nokia 220 at Mobile World Congress 2014. It has a 2.4 inch QVGA display, A 2MP camera and is internet ready. It comes preinstalled with majority of internet apps such as Facebook and twitter. The phone can connect to a 2G internet network and also sports a internet browser integrated with Bing search. The icing on the cake is the battery of the phone. The phone can stay alive for a month on a single charge and can also give you 51 hours of uninterrupted music playback. Considering it costs just 40$ or 29 Euros, the specs are really impressive.


Coming to the design and the aesthetics, the phone comes in 5 colours as shown in the picture above. The phone has a polycarbonate unibody shell with smooth corners giving it a very comfortable feel when you hold it in your hand. Overall, the phone looks very neat and handles well.




The phone is specifically targeted towards the budget consumers and people who want the maximum bang for their buck. The phone will definitely attract a lot of people due to its reasonable low price and great features. The phone will be available worldwide in a week’s time.
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