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Science Reveals You Have Been Charging Your Phone Wrong All Your Life. Here’s The Right Way

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Don’t you hate when you run out of your smartphone battery at the most critical moments? Traditionally, the smartphones battery life leaves a lot to be desired. While you may blame the excessive number of apps running in the background for fast battery drain, the problem might actually be lying elsewhere.

A scientific study has revealed that the short battery life can be blamed on the way we charge our smartphones. Here’s how you should charge your phone. Because science!


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Plug out the Smartphone once it is 100% charged

Leaving the smartphone plugged in, as we tend to do overnight, is the worst thing you could do to your smartphone battery.

Once the battery of your smartphone is completely charged, the trickle charge flow begins to maintain the 100% charging. Thus, the battery endures a high-stress, high-tension state that may damage it. Think of it as exercising for hours on end, without stopping. You can imagine the stress that your muscles will feel. The same goes for the battery of your handset.


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Plug out the device Before it is Completely Charged

Ideally, the Li-ion batteries should not be charged completely, the reason being the battery stress applied by the high voltage which drains the battery faster.


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Charge your smartphone in Short Bursts

The battery chemistry reveals that the smartphone batteries last longer if the phone is charged in small bursts, rather than one lengthy charging session. In fact, plug in your phone as often as you can. The experts recommend plugging in your phone once it loses 10 percent of the battery charge. Since it might not be possible for the most people to do so, plugging in whenever possible is your best bet.

The Li-ion batteries develop their own stress levels and allowing the battery to drain completely will reduce the battery endurance in the long run. So step up the battery performance of your device by plugging it into the socket frequently.


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Keep your Smartphone Cool

Remember the Apple advice about charging your cell phone?

“If you notice that your device gets hot when you charge it, take it out of its case first.”

Smartphone batteries are vulnerable to heat. Thus, the company suggests removing those phone cases that insulate heat when the iPhone is plugged in for charging.

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