Nissan’s New Rogue Trail Warrior Is A SUV With Tank Tracks


If you ever wanted a tank-esque automobile, this is the way to go! Nissan first introduced their Juke on tracks concept back in 2015 and then revealed Winter Warriors in 2016. All of these are pretty amazing for people looking to travel in harsh winters, but the expensive vehicles become a liability as soon as the snow melts and the weather clears up.

Pic Credits: Nissan

Nissan now looks to fix that issue with their release of the new Rogue Trail Warrior which can now motor on throughout the year.

The tracked crossover is perfect for treading through rocky terrains or the unforgiving deserts, but it can go about equally well on the carpeted roads of New York, where the Rogue Trail Warrior will be debuted at the NYC International Auto Show.

Pic Credits: Nissan

The design is basically swapped out tires on the Nissan Trucks for American Track Truck Dominator tracks, with the mechanical stocks of the previous models kept intact. The tracks can spin at 170-hp/175 lb-ft (127-kW/237-Nm) on its 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

Pic Credits: Nissan

The Trail Warrior’s tracks use khaki paint adding to the well-camouflaged look, while the yellow glass and yellow-tinted headlamps give it a proper military style. Off-road mods like the fender flares, Warn 4K winch, ARB roof basket and LED light bars doesn’t hurt the look either.

Pic Credits: Nissan

You can watch the Trail Warrior in action in the video below!

Source: Nissan

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