Ninja Sphere Allows You To Watch Over Your Home

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There aren’t many security system that allow you to keep track of everything in your home. The Ninja Sphere is the first device of its type that monitors your entire home environment and makes suggestions to you accordingly.

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The device looks almost like a modern sculpture and can easily be placed anywhere in your home. With LED lights and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Ninja Sphere keeps an eye on everything in your home, even your pets. Any object can be tracked via a Bluetooth tag and the Ninja Sphere is compatible with a number of Bluetooth tags available in the market (Stick ‘n Find, TileApp, Gecko, Chipolo). The process used to locate these tags (and anything they are attached to) is called tri-lateration which needs atleast three signals to pinpoint the object. Wherever the signals overlap is the place where the object is located. The gadget measures the dimensions of your home and picks up any obstacles or obstructions (such as furniture) around the entire area, a lot like a 3D mapping process of your home. The device also detects its own position in your home relative to the other objects.

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The Ninja Sphere also helps you manage your home by alerting you of any electronics which have been left on around the house and asks you what you would like to do about it. If the homeowner/user notice something out of place, they can tell the Ninja Sphere what to do next. For example, if the owner has cameras installed around the house, they can command the device to take a snapshot of the concerned area or part of their home. Further reactions can be created by users about what they would like the device to do in case of certain events.

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The device is also open source, meaning it has the potential to link with almost any device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Currently, the device can be used and controlled via a mobile app for your smartphone, but the team hopes to eliminate this necessity so that the smartphone is only required for the initial setup.

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As of the moment of this writing, theĀ Kickstarter campaign for the Ninja Sphere has surpassed its goal of AUD$115,000 and collected AUD$303,155. The basic package can be yours for AUD$199 (about US$182). Shipping is planned to start in June of next year. The Ninja Sphere is the ultimate device for managing your home without having you to get out of the couch.

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