New UCO Stormproof Matches Can Burn Even When You Put Them In Water Or Dirt

UCO Stormproof matches

Matchsticks are still used – no big surprise there – however, don’t you think it is about time they went through an update? That is exactly what a company thought and created the UCO Stormproof Matches. These matches are capable of continuing to burn even when they are submerged in water or have been buried underground in dirt.UCO Stormproof Matches – Burn In Water and Dirt Too

The matchsticks have been created by using an insanely tough coating that continues to smolder, no matter what it undergoes and begins to burn again as soon as it comes in contact with oxygen. These matches go through a very intricate and rigorous testing to ensure that they are able to perform even in the most difficult of situations.UCO Stormproof Matches – Burn In Water and Dirt Too 2 UCO Stormproof Matches – Burn In Water and Dirt Too 3

Eric Moe is the product specialist at the Industrial Revolution that is the owner of Utility, Comfort and Originality (UCO) described the process, “The match sticks are dipped into our coating, which keeps smoldering even underwater, then reignites once exposed to oxygen. Essentially, you aren’t burning the match stick, but burning the coating on the stick. We have drenched them in buckets, buried them in mud, and blown them with a compressed air hose. In all cases the flame keeps burning. The matches will still ignite if they get wet, and they are quite impact resistant.”

He is 31 years old and is from Milton, close to Seattle, Washington, US. He believes that having a source of fire is very crucial for survival if you’re in an unfamiliar zone. He further added, “Whether they’re in a snowstorm, rainstorm or wind storm, the UCO Stormproof Matches will offer heat and light. The importance of being able to create a fire in inclement weather cannot be overstated. These matches are designed to ignite and keep burning in the worst conditions. Everything is more challenging when you are cold and wet, and it is crucial to have reliable equipment.”UCO Stormproof Matches – Burn In Water and Dirt Too 5 UCO Stormproof Matches – Burn In Water and Dirt Too 6

He further talked about how other devices fail to create fire and thus lack reliability. Lighters are prone to failure at high altitudes or when they become wet. The standard matches hardly offer any resistance to the nature’s elements and the conventional techniques are excellent for fire, however, quite hard to execute in poor weather conditions. He said, “UCO Stormproof Matches address those problems and ensure a source of fire.”

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