New Self-Healing Smartphone Screen By Motorola Will Amaze You

Those old Nokia brick phones are long gone and forgotten, but there are two things about those phones that we still miss: never-ending battery and the robust body. Smartphones are trying hard to increase their battery life, but there is absolutely no way to ensure that your smartphone screen will never break. In every circle of friends, there is at least one person who is using the phone with a shattered screen. Recently, Apple patented the idea of a screen that can detect cracks, but that is not enough for us!

If Motorola’s dream of developing a self-healing smartphone screen becomes true, these problems of cracked and dented screens will be gone, once and for all. Now you don’t need to press yourself hard to keep your mobile safe from damage by using sturdy covers and airbags. Your screen might be able to heal all by itself!

Image Credits: US Patent and Trademark Office

Motorola just obtained a patent for the self-healing screen technology that will replace the typical glass with a shape-memory polymer.

Image Credits: US Patent and Trademark Office

The polymer uses heat to repair itself. Whenever any crack appears on your phone, all you need to do is launch an app and turn it off. Your mobile will automatically enter the repair mode. The self-healing property of the polymer is activated by abrupt temperature changes that may occur due to body heat, a special repair pad, or even the phone’s internal electronics. The patent also shows the possibility of drawing a selection around the damaged region. This will identify the damaged point where your device is supposed to apply the heat.

The technology does sound a tad too futuristic to be seen anytime soon, but we have already seen the self-healing back with the LG G Flex. We hope that the near future may just bring us the self-healing smartphone screens.

Pretty impressive idea though!

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