New Samsung Phones Will Have 512 GB Storage Capacity

256 GB of storage is no small space as we saw in the Samsung Galaxy S8. But, Samsung is now going even a step further than that and has begun mass production of new embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) chips. This will boost the storage from 256 GB to 512 GB in future devices. These chips have the ability to double the density of storage in the same amount of physical space.

Samsung has been sticking to V-NAND for some years now. These are three-dimensional stacks of flash storage chips. These are built as layers on top of one another. The previous models contain 48 layers while the newest devices are made up of eight 64-layer V-NAND chips along with a controller chip. This will boost up the storage capacity of the eUFS up to 512 GB.

(Source: New Atlas)

To give a better idea of what it means in terms of storage, Samsung says that a user will be able to store 1,300 minutes of 4K video on the device which has the new eUFS, This is a ten-fold increase to what could be stored previously.

The new technology not only has a higher storage capacity but can read and write data much faster. This has a top sequential reading speed of 860 MB/s and writing speed of 255 Mb/s. That means it would only take 6 seconds to transfer a 5 GB video file onto an SSD. They are also updating the power management technology to keep the increase in energy consumption as low as possible.

(Source: Anand Tech)

Samsung is on its way to aggressively produce these new 512 GB V-NAND chips to meet the demand and plans to increase the production of the existing 256 GB model. We might see this new technology being incorporated in the future flagships from the tech giant.

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