Trump Wall Will Take 16 Years To Build Says Mexican Design Firm

After the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, he wanted to deliver on one of his campaign promises, the Trump wall. This modern-day equivalent of the great wall of China is to cover the entire Mexican border to stop people from getting in illegally.

(Source: Nation of Change)

Shortly after rising to the presidency, Trump issued an order to the United States’ Homeland Security Secretary “take steps to immediately plan, design and construct a physical wall along the southern border, using appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve complete operational control of the southern border.”

We recently saw that the Trump wall had 8 final candidates. The design that has gained the most attention is the one from the Mexican firm Estudio 3.14. The reason this wall has gained so much attention is that it is pink in color. “Because the wall has to be beautiful, it has been inspired in by Luis Barragán’s pink walls that are emblematic of Mexico,” said the studio. “It also takes advantage of the tradition in the architecture of megalomaniac wall building.”

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

The Mexican firm takes into account the terrain across the southern border and the renderings show that it would be impractical to build a wall over there to keep the people from traveling across the border illegally. Estudio 3.14’s Norberto Miranda told Business Insider that due to the tough terrain and the arid environment, building a wall out there would be a near-impossible task and will take at least 16 years to complete.

The firm has also presented plans to build a shopping mall for the Americans in addition to the wall on the border and have included a prison system in their designs. “Moreover, the wall is not only a wall,” said Estudio 3.14. “It is a prison where 11 million undocumented people will be processed, classified, indoctrinated, and/or deported.”

The Trump wall would cost north of $20 billion, and Trump says that the Mexicans will pay for it. This is why the firm has included the prison plans in the proposal. The prison would include various units including security, administration, healthcare and textile factories so that immigrants could finance the wall that would take 16 years to complete.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

One thing to note is that the maximum a US president can stay in power is 8 years. Trump has already been in power for a year and provided that he gets reelected, he only has 7 years left. The wall is yet to see the start of construction so we can be sure that the Trump wall will not be completed while Donald Trump is the president of the US.

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