New Pizza Hut Tables Will Allow You To Design Your Pizza On A Touchscreen Table

pizza hut ordering table

We are always fascinated by whats going to come in future. Every company is trying to get an advantage over the competition by coming up with something unique and novel. Recently, Pizza Hut revealed their new Touchscreen table pizza ordering system.

Pizza Hut

The table has a touch sensitive top and you start by choosing the base and move on to the different choices in toppings and meat. Once you are done, you confirm your pizza order and it automatically gets transferred to the kitchen manager. While you pizza is being prepared, you can play games on the touchscreen table to keep you occupied. While this new concept will make ordering easier, it will surely decrease the human to human interaction in restaurants.
Check out the video below for more details:

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  1. pizza epos software Reply

    pizza hut will become gaming station auh? the idea is superb. now you can play any game in pizza hut 🙂

  2. Irma Huerta Reply

    I think technology will always start with a little bit of fear (Big difference between a child vs adult) but whenever is somebody who dares it the big difference is to have support aside.

    So, in my opinion is a great solution, in order to have an accurate order, funny procedures, and “state of the art” restaurants (among others). But do not dissapear people! If we have a bad experience and there is no human to help when the system crashes or even with a doubt, the experience will not be pleasant.

    The cuestion is… Waiters? Or IT support team-waiters!!! 🙂

    Last thought.
    A warm “Hello! What can we do for you today” (framed by a smile) is a must, with or without technology.
    Human kind interaction will always be priceless.

  3. Dereck Reply

    This would be AMAZING but a lot of people don’t have a iphones.

  4. dtchacos Reply

    Great idea as i had the experience with something similar on a sushi menu which can call a taxi for your and ask for the bill but what if someone does not have a credit card in the middle east lets say, can you ask for the bill cash at the counter ?

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