Dell Laptops Will Soon Have Wireless Charging

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Every laptop owner knows what it is like to struggle with the power cords of their laptop chargers when the battery is running low. Finding an appropriate outlet for the huge adapters and making sure no one trips over the charger’s wire is always a problem. Luckily, Dell may have solved this problem.

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The major computer manufacturer is backing the wireless charging movement and it is possible that the feature will be available in all of their future devices. The “Alliance for Wireless Power” is being supported by Dell and it calls for a standard of wireless charging for all devices which need anywhere from 20 to 50 watts of power.

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What makes wireless charging possible is Rezence, which uses magnetic resonance to charge laptops and other devices at the same time without any need for a cord. This will create a world that is always connected and always on. It means that devices will always be charged and low batteries will be a thing of the past. But a specific standard for wireless charging is important.

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Imagine never having to carry your charger again. Wherever you go – coffee shop, airport, etc. – you will only have to carry your laptop and will always be assured that it is being charged. Although a Rezence-powered device does not exist yet and we barely even have any options to wirelessly charge our smaller gadgets, it may be a while till this cord-free future becomes a reality. But with Dell on board, we may be seeing charger-free laptops sooner than before.


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