Apple Fires An Engineer For Leaking These iPhone 6 Pictures


Apple is all set for the launch of its new iPhone 6 scheduled for 9th September with two variants; one coming with a screen size of 4.7” and the other with a screen size of 5.5”. Some new images have surfaced showing how the iPhone 6 will look like. According to some sources, Apple has fired the engineer who is believed to have leaked the pictures.  The name and identity of the engineer remains confidential due legal issues.

We have been following up on news about iPhone 6 and, therefore, we had to show you new pictures of iPhone 6’s 4.7” version that have surfaced on the web.

Picture credits:
Apple iPhone 6 Nearing the Release Date Apple iPhone 6 Nearing the Release Date2

The pictures have been shared by Feld & Volk and the high quality pictures show a rounded design with the tapered edges melding into the rear shell without any seams and resulting in a continuous and elegant curve. We already talked about how the phone’s screen is most probably going to be made of sapphire. Based on pictures above, here are some rendered images to show how the iPhone 6 will look like.

iphone-6-leak-final iphone-6-leak-final-2


These photos are consistent with some of the technical diagrams leaked earlier


Speculations are also going on about an A8 processor with an improved camera that may or may not support the modular lens along with wireless charging support.

There are also rumors about a heart rate sensor to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, the peculiar rumor is about the Lightning cable, that it is going to be reversible at both ends. Sonny Dickson has released pictures of Lightning Cable that is reversible at both ends, thereby allowing the user freedom from frustration of getting the orientation correct before the cable can be plugged in.

Do you like this new design? We would love to hear your thoughts in comments section below.


  1. SBOBET Reply

    I use and like Iphone 6 + because it big screen is convenient to operate.touch ID was great.

  2. android Reply

    My brother recommended I’d personally possibly this way internet site. They used to be altogether correct. That post genuinely produced the time. You can not consider precisely how lots moment I had put together wasted because of this data! Appreciate it!

  3. Kiran Kocherla Reply

    Iam Eagerly Waiting for iPhone6. But iam disappointed by seeing the leaked images. The above images looks similar to other android phones. I love IPhone coz of their uniqueness.

  4. Ian Reply

    These leaks are all planned and set up by Apple to raise more awareness. Before the iPhone 5 launch, someone so happened to ‘leave the phone at a restaurant’ creating such a buzz in the media and I thought, what a brilliant marketing idea for a company to come up with… And now here it happens again. I’m sure the rumors of the ‘engineer who got fired’ will remain unnamed because it didn’t actually happen.

  5. A Reply

    Still better than Samsung rubbish I for one will never have an android phone again especially a Samsung . Wasted my mondh on them before go much trouble

  6. T Reply

    The design might be different or the chip is different the look of the screen is still the same to what you get with IPhone 5/5s. HTC is coming out with better design that Apple for the past couple of years. Apple is just competing with the size as most people now likes big phone. Fact is it’s IPhone boring.

  7. Whatever Reply

    If apple is not your choice, why are you here. Apple has never sought out to make a difficult phone. It is for the general user. Anyone can pick up an iPhone and be able to figure it out.

    As for the hatred of them as a company, please let me know how the samsung technical bar is doing…oh wait…

  8. Learn Reply

    So many stupid comments, the technology market is all about competition, innovation, it’s not “copying”. Each person has different preferences, so the argument of which device is better or who copied who is irrelevant. And to the people who still (in 2014) say that “bad quality … Made in china”, get your head out of the 80’s, study some economics and international business and you’ll see that China’s economy, education and technical knowledge has long surpassed the west.

  9. Deby Reply

    It is looking more like a samsung I really home the battery is better as my 5s battery is rubbish and iv only had it 2 month.

  10. Rob Reply

    Having had the last few iPhones, I can only summise that the iPhone 5 in my opinion was an epic fail !! I’m on my 6th lightening cable, (and no, I wasn’t pulling it by the wire) power button keeps sticking and is hard to turn on, 3G keeps disappearing until I restart my phone ( no, it’s not my provider ) I tried emailing apple ( which was a pointless exercise ) … So I’m going to give samsung a whirl … Really can’t be bothered with the overpriced, underperforming, cheaply made, apple iCrap anymore !!

  11. Sohma Reply

    Looks like a copy of my Samsung galaxy. Love that it’s thinner. Hopefully the battery can beat Samsung s5 where it may lasts for a week.

  12. Xavier 71 Reply

    Wonderful Phone’s and wonderful products from a wonderful company !! What more can I say !! Technological advances . The lines will be epic !!

  13. Ibrahim Reply

    I own iPhone 5s right now. No more preference for iPhone, as my phone getting terribly heated all the time. I made a complaint, But no use. The company says it’s okay, all android have the same problem. I don’t believe because I was using galaxy for a while. Moreover, they say that they will receive message if my phone is getting heated. I don’t understand.

  14. Don S Reply

    I have bought every iPhone since the first came out. I love the style, technology, innovation and function. I will purchase the next on day one.

  15. Matt Reply

    I’m due a upgrade in October and I’m bored with iPhones now. They don’t change a lot so I will be getting the s5 as the quality is a lot better

    • Ash Reply

      Well, it’s not a Galaxy S, but it is getting closer, in looks at least. iFails are still significantly behind everything else in the market, with their primitive overclocked dual core processors, 1GB RAM, 8MB camera, and hands down, the worst battery on the planet. But hey, it’s the latest of the exact same, so 10’s of millions will flock to get their hands on the latest piece of Chinese made and constructed rubbish that Apple put their label, and price tag on.

      I compare the fad of iFails to smoking, as both were trendy at one point, but in the end, the disadvantages far outweighed the benefits. (Given an iphone uses more power a day than a fridge, how does that rate in carbon emissions? You can keep your high SAR producing, massive energy consuming rubbish. I’ll stick to a device that won’t kill me, the environment, or my wallet.

      • STS Reply

        Ash, are you for real or are you illustrating. absurdity by being absurd?.. The iPhone uses more energy than a fridge??

        Your lose credibility when you call it the iFail

        Hey you how a Samsung! Congrats! Last I checked that device is also made in Asia. Probably out of many of the Same components

        I get it, you are price-conscious, which Means that you can’t afford the iPhone, so you put down that which you cannot afford. _.

        • Arjan

          Samsung is made in Asia???? Hahahahaha Well, if you don’t know Samsung is South Korea company!!! So they make their products in their country so they can create jobs and sell the product in US market!!
          Apple is a f&^ken US company and they should never assemble their products in China!!! O hate Apple for what is doing to US economy!!!

  16. Daniel Reply

    It is too thin. I prefer the iphone 5 look where it’s square and not curved. I don’t understand why they make them thinner and thinner it’s ridiculous I can’t speak for all of us but I think we as consumers don’t give a sh!t how thin it is. Rather than making it thinner keep it the same size make the components smaller and improve the size of the battery.

  17. Max Reply

    The leak image looks more like the iPod touch 6 because the bottom of it looks more similar to the iPod touch 5 than the iPhone 5s

  18. Leo Reply

    I truly believe this a set up by Apple, considering they are losing ground to the androids (samsung’s Galalxy S5) they needed to create a buzz so people start talking more about the iPhone 6 release. All in all Apple needs to compete with all the others with quality and better products and stop making everything in China, it’s less expensive for them, but not for the consumers. Apple products have lost their quality since they started assembling them in China and they’re still very expensive. Without a doubt, since Apple lost its creator Steve Jobs, all it cares about is numbers and have pushed quality to the side. I hope they realize that we the consumers ultimately have the decision to buy or not its products. As for the engineer who “leaked” the photos he’s probably working like nothing happened.

    • Tim Cook Reply

      Leo, there are so many factual errors in your comment I don’t even know where to begin.

    • YbG Reply

      iPhone is the best smart phone on earth, no matter what the news about Apple, they are still the number # 1 company for smart cel phones. Do the math.

  19. Evert Blink Reply

    What is all the fuss about? It’s just another phone for Pete’s sake. Get a life.

    • Donky Kong Reply

      Don’t you understand, this is a life changing event. You may be able process and read your emails 2 nano seconds faster and take a picture that will resemble 0.00000005 closer to real life. This is the miracle all us techno nerds have been waiting for. I’m about to cry it makes me so happy that we are finally there!

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