New Panasonic Megaphone Can Automatically Translate Japanese Speech Into Various Languages


Tired of using google translators to understand a foreign language? Well, have no fear, for Panasonic’s Megahonyaku is here!

This “loud” solution by the Japanese company aims to help with the number of foreigners visiting the country, which can convert sentences spoken into it, process it and then speak out Japanese variants off in English, Chinese and Korean.

Pic Credits: odditycentral
Pic Credits: odditycentral

Megahonyaku is a combination of the Japanese words for ‘megaphone’ and ‘translate’ and seems to be a great solution to the language barrier. Although the Megahonyaku can only translate pre-loaded 300 common phrases for now, such as “The train has been delayed” or “Watch your step”, the device can “almost certainly” recognise the sentence even if they are not word to word, according to the Panasonic spokesman. The Japanese giant also looks to add new phrases regularly, along with adding more languages such as Russian and Hindi.

The device can come in handy at public places such as airports and tourist destinations, where announcements are required to be speedy as well as understandable to all. Around 30 Japanese organisations coming from the police and train operators have already signed up for trail versions, and the device will be officially launched on Dec. 20. You can rent it from the Japanese company plans for less than ¥20,000 ($183) a month on a three-year contract, which makes them a pretty sweet deal!

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