New Morph Seating Concept Will Make Travel More Comfortable

Morph seats

Morph Concept – Smart Seats to Meet your Needs 2We all are somewhat dissatisfied with the seating arrangements on public transport. A new concept for seating will hopefully help change how people feel about seating arrangements. This particular seating grants freedom to passengers in order to choose how much room they need. The concept has been presented by a British design firm, SeymourPowell, and is known as Morph seating concept. The Morph seating concept will help shift the paradigm from foam seats to a better and improved adjustable frame which has been connected by sheets of fabric.

The designing firm, SeymourPowell, says; ‘The concept seat works by replacing traditional foam pads with a fabric that is stretched across the width of three seats, around a frame and over formers. One piece of fabric is used for the seat back and one is used for the seat base. The fabric is clamped down by the armrests and the upper dividers to form three individual hammock seats.’ Due to this concept of flexibility that the concept has to offer, the firm is hoping that people would be paying for the amount of space that they would want on the flight.

Morph Concept – Smart Seats to Meet your Needs 3The concept makes use of a smart architecture as it will allow the passengers to be able to adjust their seat’s height, depth and width to enjoy the journey with their custom seat that will suit their needs. This will help reduce cost for those that need less space and will allow for the comfort of those who find the current seating system inefficient. The Morph concept also takes into consideration the security and emotional needs of passengers.

Airline Morph Seats

One may say this seating concept is something that isn’t really needed but we can see many travelers that would benefit immensely from this concept when it kicks off. Elderly passengers, families and solo passengers all have personal requirements and Morph concept can cater to their needs conveniently. It is capable, as mentioned before, of expanding or contracting as per the passenger’s requirements. On the other hand, airlines could use this concept for better optimizing their space and making most efficient use of it.

Morph Concept – Smart Seats to Meet your NeedsWe really would want this thing to take off and become a reality. Simply put, a brilliant idea which is quite feasible.



  1. Kate Hogblummer Reply

    Any way to charge someone for another dollar. I’d hate to see what happens when they place 3 overweight individuals in one row together.

  2. Saurav Agarwal Reply

    Suppose there 3 passengers in a row A, B, C. Passenger A and B wants seats width to be reduced so, passenger C automatically gets a broad seat, for which he is not willing to pay. Also, tickets are pre booked, so when can a person be charged. Idea is good but won’t be practical. This can be introduced for the Business Class Passengers with limited seats.

  3. Shakeel Ahmad Reply

    Some how or the other the space of 3 seats is same &you have to adjust your width in this space If one gets wider than space for the other is reduced. This is main draw back &I do not think it is feasible.

  4. Linda Reply

    I image that it would cause only more irritation on flights like

    rude people claiming more space than they need.
    or people commenting on the space you claim.

    And I’ve never been on a flight with leftover seats.
    the possibility of making 3 seats into 2 would be nice though.

  5. John Reply


    Couple of problems.

    Those naturally larger will be “penalized” for their genetics.
    As if it wasn’t annoying enough waiting for people to put their luggage in the overhead – if flight staff re-adjusted all the seats I could see that working but then the time it would take for x hundred of seats – automation would solve that.

    Great idea though, something new is certainly required I just don’t think this quiet hits the spot.

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