New Microsoft Video Shows How The Hololens Technology Will Work

Microsoft Hologens

There is no confirmation as to when Microsoft will be launching the HoloLens headset, however, the latest video by the company gives an insight into how it works. The tech firm believes that the device can be used in a myriad of ways to learn and to teach while also providing gaming and entertainment experience at home.Microsoft HoloLens Video Is Out And It Is Amazing 5

At Case Western Reserve University, medical students are making use of Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset to gain knowledge about human anatomy by looking at different kinds of fractures and also looking into the intricacies of the heart.Microsoft HoloLens Video Is Out And It Is Amazing

Barbara Snyder, CWRU President, said, “We’ve been teaching human anatomy in the same way for a hundred years. Students get a cadaver and they look at medical illustrations and it’s completely two-dimensional, and the human body isn’t.”Microsoft HoloLens Video Is Out And It Is Amazing 2

As of now, teachers are busy mixing up conventional methods with the HoloLens to allow students to gain better understanding of human body. In an example, a user is shown making a click that is virtual and as an end result, separates the skeleton from the vascular system and muscles. The user is capable of bringing up annotation and body parts are highlighted based on where the user is looking at.Microsoft HoloLens Video Is Out And It Is Amazing 4

Medical student, Satyam Ghodasara said, “I actually had a moment where I found the aortic valve and it was the first time I had seen the aortic valve in relation to all the other anatomical structures.”

Here’s to a new future where we will be learning via virtual reality.


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