Here Are 15 Science Facts That Will Leave You Astounded


So we are back with another list but have you heard of second Earth, giant dragonflies and moons having tallest cliffs anywhere else? Well, I can say with guarantee that by the end of this article, your mind would go haywire and marvel at the delicacy and wonderfulness of the stuff that makes up in our universe.

The days used to be shorter Millions of years ago due to Earth’s distance to the moon.


The Earth’s rotation is slowing due to increased distance from the moon. Millions of years ago, Earth could make a revolution in just 23 hours. Now an extra hour has been added. The revolution was the same, so a year was close to 385 days back then.

Planets Without Suns and Orbits


There are rogue planets in the galaxy without any orbits. There are also called interstellar, free-floating and orphan planets. Don’t plan on going there. They are probably colder than Pluto itself.

Monster Dragonflies.


The fossil here is of a dragonfly that has grown so large its wingspan is close to 65 cm! Roughly the size of some medium range birds. Insects can’t get this huge and scientists are still investigating the causes behind the abnormal growth.

Weed Helped us Discover New Entity Within the Human Body


There is a body system named endocannabinoid that weed targets. There is a definite effect on things like mood and appetite that helped explain the unexplored areas of the brain.

Many Oranges are given artificial yellow color


Orange species have a variety of shades. Some of them remain green even when ripened, but people like them orange. So, a little dose of Ethylene gas does the trick, and the orange turns artificially yellow.

Spiraling Winds can take up fires as well as water.


The result is a tornado of fire that is very dangerous for those around it. The fire can keep alight in it for long periods of time.

A Uranus Moon Miranda has the highest cliff in the world.


Imagine a cliff ten kilometers high. 1 Km higher than the mighty mountain Everest itself. The Verona Rupes is the highest cliff in the solar system and a drop from that height could take quite some time to reach the ground. It is very close to the height of a space jump!

A meteorite doesn’t need to make contact to invoke significant destruction.


In 1908, such a heavenly body invaded the atmosphere close to Siberia and disintegrated at 28,000 feet. But the shockwaves of its explosion had the energy equivalent to 150 Hiroshima bombs and destroyed over 8,000 square miles of Siberian forests!

All the planets can fit in between Earth and the Moon.


Yes, even then, it will spare some miles too. We normally consider Moon to be in our vicinity. The combined diameters of all the planets except Earth is 233,865 miles while the distance from the Earth to the Moon is 239,200 miles. Now can you know why it takes days to reach Moon?

The Mediterranean Sea almost dried up one point!


About 5.3 million years ago, the sea’s sole contact with the Atlantic was cut off, and hot temperatures made it evaporate most of its water. But then, due to tectonic plates, the Strait of Gibralter opened up, and a giant flood was witnessed that submerged even the adjoining areas!

The atmosphere around Sun is hotter than Sun itself.


We don’t know the reason behind this anomaly, but we are sure as hell. The Sun’s surrounding is close to six hundred times hotter than the Sun itself.

It can’t rain cats and dogs, but it can rain Fish!


Cyclones and tornados can pick up fish and rain them elsewhere. This city in Singapore experienced such a fish storm in 1861. This painting shows it.

What if I told you Earth shares an orbit with another body?


Yes. The Earth’s orbit is not exclusive at all. It follows another object 2010 TK7 in the elliptical orbit.  It is called a trojan, not a moon or an asteroid. Creepy isn’t it? What if one speeds up and can’t apply brakes?

Something like this exists in our solar system:


The awkwardly shaped dwarf planet Haumea is shaped like this because of the way it spins. Its rapid spinning causes it to appear distorted.

Male Koalas Have two penises and Females have three Vaginas


And you thought Koalas looked cute. Males have Diphalia with two organs while females go a step further with Triphalia and three organs. Wonder what they do with all those parts?

Lobsters can potentially live for a very very long time.


Lobsters stop aging after a particular period. They are mostly killed by predators, own stupidity, and exhaustion. They might be vampires in disguise you know!

There was almost another Earth.


A heavenly body Gliese 581 Could have been a second Earth in between, but the shorter distance to the Sun meant it was too hot for any life to occur.

Lightning’s power in toasted pieces of bread!


A lightning strike has enough electrical energy to toast 100,000 pieces of bread.

So? Mind = Blown? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!



  1. zen Reply

    wasn’t the reason the dragonflies were so big was because of the level of oxygen in the atmosphere was much higher back then?

  2. Zuko Reply

    How,or what tool did they use to measure the heat inside the sun,so if it is true that the sun is hotter outside than inside,that tool would melt before it goes inside

    • Arsalan Reply

      Basically it is based of heat signature captured in infrared wavelength. And approximate temperature range is determined by image processing i.e. by comparing contrast of colors.

  3. Mrinal Reply

    A Uranus Moon Miranda has the highest cliff in the world. ?

    Really ?

    • Andre Reply

      Lmao, I was also looking at this and wondering if they meant our Solar System.

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