New iPhone 6 Screen Will Repair Itself When Scratched

Broken iPhone

We have always seen Apple leading the pack with its innovative ideas and exemplary innovations. However, recently it seems that apple took some help from LG and has filed a patent that is quite similar to the technology that LG already uses in its new smartphones. It is the self healing technology which LG has employed in G-Flex handset launched back in October.


According to the patent that has been put forward by Apple, this particular coating can be applied anywhere on the device and will basically be filled with a peculiar material that is capable of flowing. When it flows into marks and scratches, it makes them disappear. This patent was published by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) yesterday and is being called as “Systems and Methods for Preventing Light Guide Plate Scratching”.

GFlex HandsetThe coating is being compared with by Natoco’s Self Healing Cure technology. Natoco’s technology works by two ways and is composed of a polymer-alloy. The two principles as per which it works are known as; ‘Curling effect’ and ‘Trampoline effect’. You can Google these both to learn how they work but in a nutshell, the Curling effect essentially makes your screen too slippery for it to take any scratch whereas the Trampoline effect makes the structure return to its original position after impact. The coating’s thickness might be 50 nano-meters and as per details from the patent, it will stop any foreign object from penetrating through the screen to the phone electronics.

Apple has more than just this method to render its products scratch-less. Other methods include providing the casing with convex bumps which are installed directly on glass and are able to absorb scratches. The other method is similar to that of Natoco to render the screen slippery. Apparently, Apple has finally decided to do something about its devices being so fragile.

iPhoneThere are also rumors floating around about Apple making use of sapphire glass to make the future screens and give them strength that would be unparalleled in the market! Well, fingers crossed as we wait for Apple to come up with something that would be better than its predecessors!

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