New iPhone 6 Concept Features A Curved Body, Large 5.5″ Display And Looks Gorgeous

Martin Hajek iPhone 6

So we have already heard about HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and the internet has been bombarded with what Apple might come up with as far as the iPhone 6 is concerned. Leading designers around the world are coming up with concepts and schematics to predict what Apple might be cooking.
Martin Hajek Concept 4However, you all might remember the schematics leak that took place a few days back and was quite a sight for all us tech-savvy persons to find out what is Apple planning to do with its next iPhone. However, merely schematics don’t really bring out the real iPhone and that is where the designer, Martin Hajek, comes in. So what exactly did Martin do? He used those sketches and dimensioning to come with a new rendering of the concept and has successfully managed to get us all bewitched.

Martin Hajek iPhone 6

The schematics at first hinted towards a iphone 6c that would come with a polycarbonate finish similar to the iPhone 5c. However, this whole idea was dropped since it is likely that Apple won’t be going for a 5.5” and a cheap device. Probably having this thought in the back of his head, Martin has opted for a more premium finish, which no doubt makes more sense. With all the different concepts that are overflowing the market after Samsung and HTC have made their move, we would say that Martin’s concept ranks first.

The curvy yet stylish finish akin to the iPod touch gives this conceptual iPhone 6 quit a great finish. We also see Gorilla Glass in action again while contributing towards the overall aesthetics of the phone. Martin has opted for an edge-to-edge display while ensuring that the concept goes easy on the consumer’s eye. So, if Apple indeed does follow the lines set by Martin or is already doing so (you never know), we believe it will be safe to say that Apple’s consumer market will grow.

Martin Hajek Concept 3The way this smartphone war is going; it is apparent that now is the time for Apple to make its move and seize the market. Apple’s announcement of two models with 4.7” and 5.5” display already has stirred quite a lot of commotion in the market and consumers are waiting to see what Apple has to offer with its new models. What do we think? If the Apple’s iPhone 6 is close to Martin Hajek’s concept; then the consumers sure can get ready for a treat!


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