New CPR Device “AutoPulse” Brings Man Back From Dead After 40 Minutes Of Cardiac Arrest


39 year old Australian, (name removed for privacy), was brought back to life, after being pronounced clinically dead at the Alfred Hospital. This was possible because of the new device called “AutoPulse” which performs chest compressions.

Giving CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is one of the key facets in providing first aid treatment for early respondents, and can be the difference between life and death for victims of sudden cardiac arrest. The major hurdle in providing an adequate CPR is the lack of expertise, especially in far-fetched areas.

In comes AutoPulse, an automated CPR device created by a company called Zoll that can deliver customized and powerful CPR for each patient. It eliminates the need for a third person inside the ambulance and allows the medical crew to perform other life-saving techniques while AutoPulse takes care of CPR.

Best of all, AutoPulse can automatically calculate the rate of CPR according to the size, shape, and resistance of each patient’s chest.  The one of its kind device can automatically size up the patient and has shown tremendous improvements in numerous clinical trials.

The AutoPulse is easy to use and battery operated as it squeezes the patient’s chest to improve and restore the blood flow to the heart and brain.

The AutoPulse is made for resuscitation on the move. Using AutoPulse’s stabilizing board on the patients, rescuers can continue the high-quality CPR while transporting the patient towards proper medical treatment down steep stairwells, in a cramped elevator or even around sharp corners. According to Zoll’s website, the AutoPulse has displayed reduced interruptions in compressions during transport when compared with manual CPR by more than 85%.

Watch the life-saving machine in action in the video below!


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