5 Bizarre Health Hoaxes That Almost Fooled Everybody

In the world of fake news and alternate facts, distinguishing fake from real has become increasingly difficult. Even scientific studies are being used by advertisers, media, and politicians to make millions at the expense of your health, wealth, and peace of mind. Today we bring five worst medical hoaxes that will change the way you think about research in the world of medical science.

1) A “peer reviewed” is always evidence-based, reliable and true

To your shock, this sadly isn’t true. As claimed by AHRP, as much as 90% of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed. There have been countless busts where “researchers” have been using fake peer reviews to bring credibility to their study and approve their predetermined outcomes and results for commercial profits.

2) Food additive, drug or immunization approved by the FDA or the CDC is completely safe to use

As narrated by PBS, anything that’s approved by the FDS,

“Just means if the drug is used in the right patients, in the right way, at the right dose, and there aren’t drugs that are contraindicated taken with it, that the benefits outweigh the risks. There’s a lot that can go wrong that doesn’t fit under that definition. “

So always consult your doctor before using anything even if it is approved by the regulatory authorities.

3) Cigarettes are good for digestion as recommended by more than 20,000 doctors in the USA

Doctors actually did advertise their favorite brands and tried to fool the American people for decades even after science confirmed that cigarette smoke causes lung cancer.

4) Artificial sweeteners have zero calories and help you lose weight

Artificial sweeteners are actually hundreds of times sweeter than natural sucrose, that fools your body and makes it crave for even more sugar once it doesn’t fulfill the nutritional needs. There’s a reason why you won’t ever see a fit person drinking a diet coke, always the obese ones! Here’s an article published by Harvard Medical School on the hazards on artificial sweeteners.

5) Cholesterol is always bad

Cholesterol actually has two types, HDL, and triglycerides, where high HDL and low triglycerides are good for your health. According to an article published in Metabolic Healing,

“Efforts to reduce the body’s production of cholesterol and its adjacent lipoproteins, whether through medical intervention, or through nutritional intervention, may have very serious repercussions for one’s health.”

Did you know about these hoaxes? Have you got anything to add to the information above? Comment below!

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