New Audi Concept Car Has Laser Headlights

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German automaker, Audi, is preparing to reveal it’s new automotive achievement at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. This is the second time that Audi is unveiling something new at CES instead of a traditional auto show. Last year, Audi unveiled its autonomous driving and parking technologies, this year the company will unveil its Sport Quattro Laser light Concept.

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Based on the Sport Quattro Concept, the Laserlight has laser headlamps as the name suggests. The new concept features Matrix LED headlights that use laser diodes in place of LED’s. Even though BMW is the first to use laser headlights in their i8 hybrid supercar, which will be released in the market in 2015, Audi is certainly proving that it isn’t far behind the competition. The headlights are described by Audi in the following words:

“two low-profile trapezoidal elements are visible within the headlights – the outer one generates the low beam light using matrix LEDs and an aperture mask, while the inner element produces laser light for high-beam functionality.”

The benefits of the laser element are that it is smaller and gives designers more flexibility with the looks of future vehicles. Also, the intensity of the headlights is greater, meaning they will be able to illuminate the road 500 meters (1,640 ft) ahead of the car.

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Though production of this concept might never become reality, the technologies showcased by it will find their way into future Audi’s. Besides the laser headlights, the Sport Quattro Laserlight Concept has a hybrid engine consisting of a twin turbo 4.0-liter V8 and an electric motor, capable of producing 700 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. This makes the car capable of going from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds and go on to a top speed of 190 mph. The fuel economy of the hybrid is also an amazing 91 mpg, though in real world scenarios it is likely to be lower (but still quite impressive). The concept weighs 4,079 pounds and is capable of driving 31 miles on the electric motor only.

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The car also features a 3D display with graphics that will inform the driver of the car’s condition and location, among other useful bits of information. This concept, which will be shown at CES from 7-10 January at Las Vegas, will surely draw attention from the masses. The Laserlight’s technology has a bright future in the automotive industry.

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  1. Thomas Reply

    Well, the BMW i8 already does have LED+Laser headlights (it should be available in the middle of 2014), so Audi isn’t the first one with this technology, least the first one actually selling cars with it.

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