Nest Protect Is A Smart Smoke Alarm

Nest Protect

Nest came up with Nest Protect to save homes from smoke and carbon monoxide in a smart way.
Nest Protect 4With every gadget being smart and working in conjunction with smartphones, the team at Nest wanted something that would work in the same way and decided that the beeping alarm was more of a nuisance than help and changed it with a voice alarm. The new alarm can pinpoint the origin of smoke and carbon monoxide.

Nest Protect 3The gadget has been designed in such a way that before going off, it will give you a warning. The circular light present in the unit’s middle will change color to yellow. This has been added so that if the smoke is coming from stove or from the popcorn bag you just heated up in microwave, you have the possibility of switching the alarm on and raising a chaos at your home. However, in case of a true emergency or heavy smoke emissions, the light will turn red and the alarm will go off!

The designers at Nest took into consideration the airflow, smoke chamber and a number of sensors which included; heat, motion, carbon monoxide, light and photoelectric according to their website. Specific information has not been made available but batteries, alarm and voice chip are also included in the gadget. Nest Protect Safety has won approval from California State Fire Marshals and Underwriters Laboratories. They have also received a green light from British agencies. The latest upgrade is the app which is the controlling unit for the Nest Protect and other gadgets. The app goes by the name of Nest Thermostat.

Nest Protect 2There is another reason behind this article and that is the news which is floating around; Google has bought Nest for $3.2 billion. Many experts say that this acquisition will prove much more fruitful to Google which is definitely making advancement in all fields. It won’t be surprising if we see some more designs being put forward because if there’s one thing we can be sure about Google, they are never out of ideas and their ideas are worth executing as well. Coupled with the robotics acquisition that Google made, we might be in for a big surprise soon enough. Fingers crossed!


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