NEC Introduces World’s First Liquid Cooled Smartphone


NEC Medias X 06E-2Smart phones are becoming an essential part of our lives. With the freedom that has been given to the customers via the smart phones and the variety of apps have made them earn a spot on everyone’s priority list. Who doesn’t want a big touch screen, an amazing camera and an impressive processor? Smart phone takes care of it all. It’s like a mini-computer that sits perfectly in your pocket. With more or less everything available at just a touch, the smart phones have taken over the market.

We all love a big, sharp display screen. However, when you put an LCD display as big as 4 inches and more, there are consequences; the first one is your phone getting heated up. This happens once you’ve used it for some time, the phone feels like it’s had a run with the human torch. Mostly the reason is when you’re using a certain app or game that requires more CPU and graphics. So what is the solution for this problem?

NEC Medias X 06E-3NEC has come up with a wonderful answer to that question; liquid-cooled smart phone that would help your smart phone stay cool even after you’ve used Facebook, taken pictures and made videos or played games! The NEC Medias X 06E comes equipped with a cooling pipe that contains liquid between its processor and display. The working principle; the condensation and evaporation taking place repeatedly will transfer the heat away from the smart phone’s processor and keep it cool.

NEC Medias X 06E-4The use of liquid cooling systems isn’t something new; the idea has already been employed in computers and is something of a common practice nowadays. However, to install such a system in a smart phone is a bit of overkill, especially with the 1.7 GHz quad-core processor. The particular phone model comes with a 4.7” OLED screen and a 13.1 MP camera. The model will be available in Japan on the NTT Docomo carrier in summers.

NEC Medias X 06EWhether an overkill or not, the idea sure is an impressive one. A cooled processor means an efficient processor and that the phone will be more comfortable to use without it getting heated up.

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