Navigator Quad Gyro Is A New Remote Controlled Golfing Cart

Navigator Quad Gyro – The Golf helper4

While it won’t help you improve your skill or handicaps, it may still help you with the exertion you do while carrying that bag of clubs around with you. The new MGI Golf is a remote controlled, electric Navigator Quad Gyro that allows the players to steer the cart using a remote control and summon it when clubs are needed.Navigator Quad Gyro – The Golf helper2

The Navigator Quad Gyro 4 wheeled electric golf cart from MGI navigates mostly any terrain on its own, using the unique anti-deviation technology that keeps it on track no matter how the terrain may vary. It has front wheels that pivot with suspension architecture for agile fairway maneuverability.

It runs off a lithium 12V/24 amp battery, the power is received by the twin calibrated 230 W motors at the rear wheels and features speed control. To prevent the cart from tipping over when the terrain is steep, a wheelie bar is used at the back. And to keep the cart’s speed in control during descend, downhill speed control technology is used.Navigator Quad Gyro – The Golf helper

Navigator Quad Gyro can be used by the players like any RC car, using the directional remote. From at a distance, one can simply guide the Navigator Quad Gyro to come, or have it drive alongside them while chatting with others.

Multi-functional utility allows the players to store smartphones running golf apps while they are out on the course and a built-in GPS holder is also featured. The electric cart is also compatible with Sureshotgps SS Solar Panel Pack that lets the users charge portable devices on the fairway.Navigator Quad Gyro – The Golf helper3

Accessories that come with the Navigator are winter wheels (with rubber threads that deal with inclement weather and courses with terrain that varies e.g. Scotland’s St. Andrews), a cool storage bag, a scorecard holder and an extension to hold umbrellas. The Navigator Quad Gyro is a part of MGI’s new Quad series that include Hunter Quad and Coaster Quad Brake. All these carts can be folded and fitted in most trunks.


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