Mushroom House Built On Top Of A Staircase Goes Viral On Internet


Japanese social media is flooded with the fascinating pictures of a house titled “Mushroom House,” which is placed on a slender concrete staircase and has left viewers shaking their heads in doubt.

The trending pictures were initially posted by Japanese Twitter user Yuko Mohri and have been shared more than 20,000 times on famous social media sites.

In the pictures, there appears to be a single-story home resting on a very slender concrete staircase, in an unknown location in Japan. This kind of construction will surely be eye-popping for any site in the world but more so in the small island country, where intense earthquakes are a common occurrence.

Once the pictures went viral, a lot of viewers questioned the originality of the images and claimed them to be photoshopped or fake to add likes to the post. However, that’s a common occurrence on the internet; it seems like its not the case here.

The Google Earth coordinates of this strange-looking house were later posted in light of the questions being raised by Trickle Guro, and it looks even weirder than the photos.

The mushroom house is situated at Jobanki Prefectural Road 294, Azumigawa Town, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture 520-1211, and looks to have been occupied at some time. As for the cause of the way it has been built like a modern Baba Yaga’s home by its owners remains a mystery.

Although the facts behind this strange built are not known, that has not halted people from guessing what the story is behind this house. Although it seems unlikely, some people claim that the builders did this to avoid paying taxes or either to leave a parking spot for two cars because the plot size could not accommodate it otherwise.

No matter the reason for the built but we all are on the same page that this is the weirdest house ever seen.


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