China Unveils World’s Longest Glass Bottom Bridge

China holds quite a few records for the world’s longest bridges and seems like it is moving forward with creating more. China has the history for the longest bridge, this time, their ambitions were the same, but differently as the bridge built on the Lianjiang River is not only the longest bridge ever but is also made up of all glass.

The all-glass feature increases its importance and has been attracting loads of tourists to enjoy the serene ambiance on the glass marvel. The newly built bridge opened for pubic visits on the 18th of July, 2020.

The Guinness Book of World Records has stated the glass bridge as the longest to date, measuring at a length of 526 meters (1726 feet). The marvelous glass bridge rises to a height of 204 meters (669 feet), creating a scenic view of the river once you get on the top of it.

The glass bridge red towers make it stand out, and it also presents a straight pose amongst blue and green. People who are not afraid of heights and dare to step on this heightened bridge will experience plenty of enjoyable activities upon visiting here. You can go Bungee jumping and might get lucky enough to come across a cat-walk show that adds up to its artistic charm.

The transparent glass in observation decks is a whole lot of different experience. It gives a 360 view of every angle possible while making feel like hanging in mid-air. The glass-structured bridge looks tender; however, it is strong enough to have proven to hold 500 people at once!

China is progressing in everything possible, how could the records be left behind.

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